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At Continue to Give we provide the tools and support for churches, missionaries, nonprofits, and individuals to increase their donations and recieve regular giving thorugh online, mobile, Facebook, and kiosk avenues. 

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We have all seen the “Please send money ads”, but whatever happens to the money we send? Whose life does it touch? What impact does it have on the community?

Continue To Give’s goal is to answer those questions. Through our unique social network you can see what is happening in real time with the organizations that you donate to. Finally, there is a way to see up-to-date pictures, read stories, hear the latest comments, and stay involved!

We strive to bring you a community where you can feel safe donating because you know “who” you are donating to, “what” is being done with your money, and “how” lives are being changed because of your generosity!


To learn more about us and for tips on regular giving visit our blog!

Our Vision

Helping people help people.


Our Mission

To provide an online community of efficiency, trust, friendship, transparency, and synergy that is focused on helping those in need.

To provide a way for the “small guy” with limited resources to raise the awareness and funds needed for the cause.

To provide people and organizations both large and small the infrastructure needed to keep trusting friendships alive with their donors by keeping images, posts, and other social activities up to date.

To provide a self-advertising platform with our “Giving Pages” and through integration with social media.


Hi, my name is Heather Ass my girlfriend, look http://v.ht/i18ixx

Continue to Give

Continue to Give offers churches, nonprofits, and individuals the ability to accept online, mobile, Facebook, and kiosk donations. We are here to make the fundraising and electronic tithing as easy and fun as possible with our revolutionary suite of tools. Call us today! 800.684.0550

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