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Jay Stewart

birdman|United States

Author of "The Ultimate Road Trip" twitter account @Jay_Stewart

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Nume :

Jay Stewart

Ziua de nastere :

Ian. 1, 1963


Concord, United States (North Carolina)

My Status :

Author of "The Ultimate Road Trip" twitter account @Jay_Stewart

Obiectivele mele :

I want to be a great husband, great Dad, and great Pastor, in that order. I want to bike from coast to coast, write more books, touch an entire city, own a beach house, visit Australia, scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, go on an Alaskan cruise, appear in a movie, build a house, train and raise up future ministers, and become conversational in Spanish.

Biserica mea :

The Refuge was started in a basement by my wife and I in April of 2004. Gathered in the basement were a band of misfits and some amazing leaders who have grown into a powerful band of warriors who are being the church and not just doing church. Through our three weekend services and our youth church during the week, The Refuge ministers to over 1100 people weekly. The Refuge has also had a major impact on the local community through many outreaches, as well as touching nations like Brazil, Mo

Confesiune :

Nici o denominatiune

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Firma :

The Refuge (Biserica/Slujire):

Talent & Hobbi-uri :

A scrie (still working at crafting the art.)
Parcuri de distractie (give me any roller coaster on the planet!)
Basketbal (I am a certified, card-carrying has-been!)

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Trupe/Artisti preferati :

Big Daddy Weave, United, Delirious

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Locuri de vacanta favorite :

The beach, any cruise, New York City, San Francisco, Monterey Peninsula in CA

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birdman este nou/a pe cross.tv si nu are inca activitati. Ai vrea sa trimiti o invitatie de contact si sa lasi un mesaj scurt de bun-venit, ajutand birdman sa se simta bine-venit/a in familia cross.tv?

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