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Walter Hallam Ministries

Walter Hallam Ministries

Walter Hallam MinistriesPastor Hallam, a powerful and dynamic speaker, ministers the good news of the Gospel with authority. He operates effectively in the gifts of the Spirit through the gifts of healing, faith, miracles, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and prophecy. Having a strong apostolic anointing, Pastor Hallam is often referred to as a pastor to pastors.

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The Keys to David

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The Power of the Spoken Word

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Life After Being Sheltered

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Delivered From Darkness

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Speak Wise the Ways of God

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The Devil is a Liar Part 2

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The Devil is a Liar

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We Are More Than Conqourers

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Holdfast the Confession of Faith

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The Zeal of God

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Live in the Now

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Faith Words From Paul

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Causes of Doublemindedness

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Power of Words

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Christ Savior Lord

79 Vizualizari

Living the Victorious Life

53 Vizualizari

Don't Box Me In

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6 Words About Spiritual Warfare

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Instructions for a Miracle

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Transformed and Renovated

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Fill Me Holy Spirit

124 Vizualizari


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Activate Your Authority

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God's Power in Restoration

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Get Unloosed

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Assemble Together

52 Vizualizari

7 Steps to Answered Prayer Part 3

155 Vizualizari

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