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From Israel to the Nations

From Israel to the Nations

IsraelTVJoin Israeli Apostle and Psalmist Dominiquae Bierman - the world’s only Jewish woman Archbishop, as you discover the Jewish roots of the faith while visiting the places where our Savior lived and taught. Follow in His footsteps as you draw closer our Jewish Messiah Yeshua, in His homeland. The entire Bible will come alive as you see the actual places and hear the stories from a Hebrew perspective. Experience the knowledge and Power of the Holy Spirit on this life-changing journey.

The Miracle of Revival is being felt throughout many nations, join Israeli Apostle and Psalmist Dominiquae Bierman as she travels throughout the world bringing the Healing Power of the Hebrew Roots to those who are seeking their Messiah, Yeshua.

Experience the MAP Revolution (Messianic Apostolic Prophetic) as you learn how we can operate in the same power as the 1st Century believers. Take a walk with Archbishop Bierman through Holy Scriptures from a Messianic Jewish perspective on each program. You will quickly realize these life-giving truths will help you achieve victory in every area of your life.

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Why Doesn't God Hear Me?

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Proverbs 3 in the Hebrew

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The Pursuit of Happiness!

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The Guilt

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Harmony & Shalom

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The Bone Cure

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21. Jerusalem March - Part One

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20-Hebron - Purchase & Titled Deed

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19. Hebron – Portal of Heaven

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18. Prayer Over Jerusalem

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14. Second Knesset of the Nations

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13. GRM Israel Graduation

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12. Holy Giving - Part Two

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11. Holy Giving - Part One

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10. Defined Without Compromise

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9. Ruth and Naomi

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8 - Walking in Covenant

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7. The Covenant Name

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6. Tower of Babel

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5 Family Covenant

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The Golan Heights – Part Two

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3 The Golan Heights – Part One

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2 Haifa – The Spirit of Elijah

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Haifa – A Garden to Till

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